You know what I like in a girl?
My fingers.

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the man of my dreams is a girl..

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named Ariel Churchill <3


Saw someone from Tumblr in a store today — Too shy to say hi.
Thank you A + life.


i think what people don’t realize is that people in activist spaces don’t actually like being angry all the time

we want to be able to go about our day without constantly being on guard for casual abuse, degradation, and shitty behavior hurled our way

we’re not angry at you because we think you’re unconditionally terrible people

we’re angry because we fully believe that you can do better

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If you're white, don't call yourself an "intersectional feminist" and don't use "intersectionality" for white people



I recently learned from Black female bloggers that we are appropriating this word. A Black feminist named Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw came up with the term intersectionality to talk about how race and gender intersect for women of color. It was never…




Animals Wearing Dinosaur Costumes

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Stop romanticizing people that hurt you.
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